Lewis Hamilton: "Red Bull has the best car"

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Lewis Hamilton: "Red Bull has the best car"

Lewis Hamilton admits that Red Bull currently have the best car on the grid. The Briton claims that their direct rivals have been very strong throughout the season and therefore Mercedes aim to be as close as possible. The seven-time world champion explains that Mercedes ’main goal at the moment is to be as good in performance as possible, as he now sees Red Bull a step ahead of them.

The current world champion assures that he will do his best in Brazil and that he will put a lot of pressure again so that they can get the most out of their W12. "Mercedes' goal is to be as high as possible. Red Bull’s pace was phenomenal in the last race, and they had a very strong car all year.

They really have the best car." "We will put as much pressure as we can to see if we can get some more out of it,”Hamilton said at an FIA press conference before the Brazilian GP. In the 2019 season, Red Bull was faster than Mercedes in Brazil and that again makes them favorites for this edition.

The Briton predicts that it will be difficult to beat them, but he reminds us that at the end of the weekend, opportunities always appear.


However, the Briton faces the possibility of being penalized with five positions on the grid because he once again changed his internal combustion engine, but nothing is official yet.

“The last time we were on this track they were incredibly strong and we expect them to be incredibly strong this time as well. It will be hard to beat them this weekend, but there is always a way to do it, ”he added.

On the other hand, Hamilton assures that by changing the regulations it is not as easy to get the most out of the car as in previous years. The Briton does not know the exact reasons for this fact, and depending on the weekend it is easier or more complicated to make the correct settings.

“This year they have reduced the wings and it was more complicated for us to maximize the performance of the car. We try to concentrate on getting the car into the frame, and that’s not easy." "It's not easy to make the right settings, but I think it's similar for everyone, ”he explains.

"It's really complicated to explain the reason, but on some weekends it's more complicated to make the right settings, and on some weekends it's not that complicated," the Briton continues. “It was already seen in Austin, Red Bull was quite far away, but in the moment of truth everything changed. This year, it was difficult to get the maximum potential out of the car, ”concluded Hamilton.