Marko: "Verstappen will not play it safe, he wants four wins"

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Marko: "Verstappen will not play it safe, he wants four wins"

Helmut Marko says that Max Verstappen will not drive without risk in the upcoming races. The Red Bull adviser claims that the Dutchman will take risks in every race, not watching the championship, because that is the only way to win the championship.

Verstappen after winning last week’s race for the Mexican Grand Prix has come to the stage of having a 19-point advantage over his biggest rival in the title fight: Lewis Hamilton. Although this gives him a certain advantage, Marko warns that he will not take less risks in the upcoming races, but wants to make additional progress, and the goal is to win in each of the last four races.

"Mercedes is an extremely strong opponent. We must continue to put pressure and set high goals. That is why we want a double victory in Sao Paulo, ”said Marko. "We will fight to win every race. Paying attention to positions and victories to eventually win the title: it doesn’t help.

This is not in his blood. In addition, experience shows that the error rate can increase if you accept it more easily than usual, ”he added. “Max still surprises us. You think he is already at his zenith and then he gives you more.

It's an amazing ability at his age. ” Red Bull is just one point behind Mercedes in the constructors' championship. However, the sports advisor of the Austrian team wants to turn this segment in his favor in Brazil as well: "We are one point behind.

Brazil: 1-2. That is the goal, ”he explains.


Marko assures that they are not satisfied with the leading position, and he is of the opinion that it is too early to say that Verstappen will win the title. "It's a nice advantage, but it's too early for a preliminary decision."

The Austrian explained that they intervened in terms of preventing Verstappen from risking a fight with Bottas for the fastest lap. For something like that, he claims it was not worth the risk. "We told Max: jump out of there, it's not worth fighting for one point.

Even though Bottas doesn't win it anyway, he just takes it away from us. ” The Red Bull adviser adds that they could have done the bonus point with Perez. However, they gave up because they had 2nd place, given that the Mexican was very close to Hamilton - something that would have happened to him (prestige) if the race had 2 more laps.

"We could have tried to do the fastest lap with Perez, but we didn't want to risk anything. It was his chance to catch Hamilton. This is much more important than one point. Two more laps and overtaking would come, ”concluded Marko.