Hamiton explained the comments regarding Bottas and Perez

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Hamiton explained the comments regarding Bottas and Perez
Hamiton explained the comments regarding Bottas and Perez (Provided by Sport World News)

Lewis Hamilton has responded via social media to clarify comments about Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas after finishing second in the Mexico Grand Prix. The seven-time world champion has withstood pressure from a local hero: Perez, to retain a second place at the Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome, and when trying to explain Red Bull’s impressive pace against Mercedes, he told Sky F1: "Their pace was simply amazing, and there was nothing I could do to deal with it - and when you have Checo [Perez] by the tail, then you know the car is fast." According to Hamilton, this statement was misinterpreted by other media because they thought he was humiliating the Mexican, so he explained on Instagram what he wanted to say about this.

“(I) just want to make sure people don’t misread what I said yesterday,” Hamilton says. I have a lot of respect for Sergio Perez and I think he is doing a great job in his new team. " "He's made so much progress this season and I know how hard it is to progress with a new team, it takes time." "My comment was simply that it is too difficult to track another car in Mexico due to the low aerodynamic air resistance we all have.

Therefore, there is very little overtaking." "However, he was able to keep a close eye on how much more downforce they could have had. A big compliment to Checo for being clean. "

Hamilton on Bottas

Hamilton also commented on his comments about his teammate Valtteri Bottas, when he said the Finn “left the door” open at the start of the race by allowing Max Verstappen to take the lead in the first corner.

The driver of the Mercedes wrote again on his Instagram: “We all have bad days. We live and learn. Yesterday I said that vb [Bottas] left the door open and of course people will jump to criticize. " "We are a team, and we win and lose as a team.

There is no one person who is responsible for victory or defeat - we do it together: good or bad. " "You may be able to beat us, but you will not break us. We are turning to the next Valtteri race, we will continue to put pressure on our brother, "concluded Lewis Hamilton.

The season is never as exciting as before, the two top names will fight to the end, and whether this will mean the end of the Hamilton era remains to be seen