Mercedes team disappointed after the race

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Mercedes team disappointed after the race

Mercedes racing director Andrew Shovlin says it all went wrong in the first twenty seconds of the race at the Mexican Grand Prix. Max Verstappen won the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriquez. Although Mercedes drivers started from the first starting line, they failed to turn that to their advantage.

The Red Bull driver got off to a great start. The Dutchman managed to overtake Hamilton and Bottas at the start, who were quite unconvincing after the lights went out. Verstappen was the first to enter corner number 1, thus controlling the race until its end.

Hamilton finished in 2nd place, and the biggest loser was Valtteri Bottas, who had an incident with Ricciardo: the result is 15th place.

Hard day

Shovlin says that most of what happened and what went wrong at the Mexican Grand Prix happened in the first 20 seconds, although he admits that they did not have the pace with which to oppose the biggest competitor.

"Hard day; most of what went wrong was done in the first twenty seconds, but in the end, we didn't have the pace and with only one car left at the top of the race, second place was the best Lewis could achieve, ”explains Shovlin.

"The start-up phase was very good, probably Lewis's was too good because it meant he couldn't pull Valtteri (Bottas). Unfortunately, Max managed to take advantage of that, and then found himself on the race line in corner 1 and took the lead.

" “Valtteri then turned around when Riccardo arrived and hit him which basically knocked him out of the fight. The story of Lewis ’race was quite direct; we had to react early on the first pit to protect ourselves from an undercut from Sergio (Perez), which meant we had a long stint to the finish line, but Lewis did it very well and managed to secure second place, ”Shovlin concluded.

We can’t even imagine the amount of happiness they feel at Red Bull after all, given that such desperate qualifiers were an indication that Red Bull could end catastrophically. Still, that didn’t happen, and now Max Verstappen has an even bigger lead.

We probably couldn't have expected such an outcome, but Red Bull once again shows how serious they are and are now the main favorites for the title, although there is still time We will see if Mercedes will try to do something, even though they are doing their best all season, that is not enough. Some more radical measures will certainly be a good option.