Is Hamilton in fear of Max Verstappen?

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Is Hamilton in fear of Max Verstappen?

Lewis Hamilton says that Red Bull during the first day of the racing weekend in Mexico showed that they are ‘definitely too fast’ for Mercedes. Max Verstappen finished the second free practice with the fastest time, and was over 4 tenths faster than Bottas, and half a second faster than Hamilton.

Hamilton says that the balance of his car was good, but that the lag behind Red Bull is more than obvious. "The car was generally okay. I didn't have any big problems. I think we did our best, but they are simply faster than us.

I don't have any big problems (with the car), we worked on the car settings and we tried to improve." "We lack downforce, which is why they were probably half a second faster than us. " "It looks good to us in the sense that we're going to try to fight them, but they're definitely too fast for us," Hamilton said.

Bottas agrees that Red Bull was significantly faster than Mercedes in one lap. "They were very strong on soft tires, so we have to find a lot of time if we want to fight for pole position."

Bottas on the race

However, Bottas is pleased with Mercedes ’progress during training as the track has improved.

The track in Mexico has not been used for almost 2 years and there was a lot of dust on the asphalt surface, which is why several drivers in the first training session ended up in a wall. "The beginning of the day was awkward, the flu was very low.

The track was very dusty and because of that, we could not ‘feel’ the car. But I had a feeling we weren’t lagging too far, we set things up for another training and it wasn’t bad at all. But we definitely have to find more time because Red Bull seems to be a lot faster, ”added Bottas.

Red Bull is really fascinating this season, led by Max Verstappen, who for the umpteenth time shows us that he is the present and future of F1. Verstappen has an amazing mentality and it is very difficult to fight him. It seems that Hamilton needed a rival like this who would show him his teeth and fight him to the end.

We know Hamilton will not give up, but he is aware of the difficult task ahead of him. This season is one of the most interesting, and it could just be a big milestone for Red Bull and Max