Ferrari vs McLaren: Who is better at the moment?

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Ferrari vs McLaren: Who is better at the moment?

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes that his team will have an advantage over McLaren in Mexico and that they will manage to win a lot more points in this race than the British team. The Maranello team is just 3 and a half points behind McLaren in the constructors ’standings 5 ​​races before the end of the season.

Ferrari have become the favorite to win third place in the constructors' standings due to its recent form and engine upgrades, which have significantly improved their performance, and they are convinced that they will have a very good end to the season.

At the U.S. Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc finished fourth, 25 seconds ahead of McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo. These performances and this result additionally encouraged the Ferrari team because the configuration of the track in Austin with fast turns and long directions on paper did not ‘fit’ them the best.

That’s why Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes his team in Mexico could have an even bigger advantage over McLaren, given the unique characteristics of this track, where teams drive with maximum downforce.


Another thing to take into account is the sparse air since the trail is located at 2,240 m above sea level.

"In Mexico, we will use performance with maximum downforce, which is a track where engine power is less important. Although we are still behind Mercedes (in terms of engine power), I think the track in Mexico will suit us better compared to Austin, ”said Binotto.

Binotto says the result of the race in Austin is significant for Ferrari because they beat McLaren on a track that on ‘paper’ completely went hand in hand with the characteristics of McLaren’s car. “McLaren has generally always been very competitive in medium-fast and fast corners this year, and that was the case in Austin as well." "But when you look at the general performance over the weekend, we were ahead of them, and that was very obvious in the qualifiers, and Charles was on average half a second faster than Ricciardo in the race, he finished 25 seconds ahead of him.

" "When you look at the general balance of the lap, I think it's obvious that we were faster, and that wasn't the track that matched our car on paper." "That’s why I’m pleased with the progress we’ve seen in the last couple of races, the drive unit has certainly helped us both in qualifying and in the race. It gives me confidence for the next races, "added Binotto.