Ferrari have made the most progress compared to 2020

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Ferrari have made the most progress compared to 2020

Ferrari is the leading team in seventeen races this season when it comes to comparing this year and the 2020 season, while the biggest losers are Aston Martin and Mercedes. The Italian team experienced a sharp drop last year - something they haven't had since 1980.

The Maranello-based team had a very horrific drive unit, which was the target of a debate over its legality. All this was reflected in the performance of the SF1000, which was practically dark when it came to tracks that had long routes.

The drivers of the Italian team simply moved to the side so that much faster cars could pass them. However, the 2021 season brought a turnaround for Ferrari. Scuderia got back on its feet and started on its way to recovery. From the start of the season, they have made it clear that they want to return to the positions they are used to being in.

A new improvement this season came at the Russian Grand Prix: Ferrari brought a brand new engine with which it showed a significant step forward. The Maranello team is now battling McLaren for 3rd place in the constructors ’championship.

When it comes to points for this season, the Italian team won the most points after 17 races when comparing this and last season.


Ferrari thus won 119.5 points more compared to 2020, when they had 131 points next to their name in the same period.

They are currently at 250.5 points before the race for the Mexican GP. The Italian team is followed by Red Bull, who scored 118.5 points more in the same period. In third place is Ferrari’s biggest opponent McLaren. The Woking team has 52 points more than last season.

Behind them is the once-great Williams team. The team from Grove did not have any points in the 2020 season, and now they are in the plus by 23 points. The biggest loser is Aston Martin (formerly Racing Point). Their decline is very large.

The British team has a deficit of 113 points. The biggest losers include Mercedes and Alpine (Renault). The world champions are down by 112.5 points when it comes to this season. Mercedes had 573 points last year after 17 races, while they now have 460.5.

Alpine's third biggest loser is 77 points behind. The French powertrain manufacturer had 181 points in the same number of races in the 2020 season, and now stands next to their name at 104 points.