Porsche 'seriously considering' entry into F1

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Porsche 'seriously considering' entry into F1

Porsche is again seriously considering entering Formula 1 as an engine manufacturer as Formula 1 is on track to create favorable conditions for new manufacturers with the new rules, but Mercedes ’Toto Wolff warns that they shouldn’t make it easy for them so they don’t immediately become competitive.

Porsche has been considering entering Formula 1 for years, but very complicated rules around current powertrains have discouraged them in earlier attempts while new rules for 2026, without the extremely complex MGU-H, should be enough to attract new manufacturers.

In addition to more affordable rules, it is important for Porsche that the technology of the new powertrains be relevant to the technology of road cars, that is, that it has a greater emphasis on electrical components. “If you look at the future and what car manufacturers are announcing regarding the share of electric cars, I think it’s very important for Formula 1 to take a step towards electrification,” said Porsche Motorsport Vice President Thomas Laudenbach.

"It is clear that we cannot have fully electric vehicles, we all know that. But the electrical part of the drive must have a much higher priority, that's important. " “As a car manufacturer you want to show off in motorsport, but that has to be relevant in relation to what’s going on on the road.

From what I know, the FIA ​​has taken a huge step in that direction, it will help. ” "It's no secret that we're thinking about Formula One, talking to the FIA, and it's no secret that let's put it this way, we're seriously considering entering Formula 1.

But we haven't made a decision yet." “A lot of things are going in the right direction when it comes to the importance of the powertrain’s electrical components, we’d like to see more standard engine parts and more freedom with electrical parts.

A lot of these things could happen. ”

Wolff on Porsche's statement

Mercedes ’Toto Wolff thinks it’s not right to make it too easy for new manufacturers to enter and to immediately be in competition for wins because that wouldn’t be fair to current manufacturers who had to work hard to get to that position.

“It’s great that big manufacturers are showing interest in getting into the sport, of course, no one wants to go in and be very uncompetitive and that’s why we need to have a system that will cover that risk,” Wolff said.

"But on the other hand, F1 is the Champions League, no one can expect to enter the Champions League for the first time and immediately enter the finals and go home with a big trophy." "We've been here a long time, we've invested a lot of money, sweat, blood and terrible results to get to where we are."