Fernando Alonso about 2022: "I will be at 100% level"

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Fernando Alonso about 2022: "I will be at 100% level"

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso assures that by 2022 he will reach 100% level after a year of adjusting and getting used to Formula 1. The Spaniard knew that the 2021 season would be a transitional one for him and Alpine, and as a result, he used it as preparation for the debut of the new rulebook that is causing so much excitement.

The two-time world champion recalls that from the start of the season he was very realistic in terms of his performances and knew that everything would be a continuation of what happened in 2020. The main idea of ​​the training was to get to know the current cars and adjust to Formula 1 again after a two-year absence, in order to better prepare for entering 2022.

"I am happy, this season was the season of returning to Formula 1 after two years of absence. We had clear expectations in terms of performance because we knew it would be a continuation of 2020, the cars did not change, "explains Alonso.

"The propositions from 2021 have been postponed for 2022. So this year was supposed to be a transitional one. Personally, I was not very comfortable in the first races, I started to adjust in the fourth or fifth race."

"The goal for this season was to have races so that I would be 100 percent in 2022, and I think I will be 100 percent next year, ”assures the two-time world champion.

Continuation of the season

On the other hand, as for the last part of the year, Alonso is clear that the last five races will be very similar to what we saw this year.

His goal is to won as many points as possible to keep Alpine in fifth place in the constructors ’championship so that factory morale stays high for next season. "The five races left by the end of the year will be very similar to what we have seen so far.

We have 17 races and I don’t think there will be a performance revolution in these five." "We will try to continue to win points. We had an incredible run of 15 races in a row, which was unfortunately interrupted in the United States, ”he added.

"We want to win (points) again in these last five races and help Alpine in the constructors' championship fight, which always gives more morale and enthusiasm in the factories, which will have to work hard during the winter with new regulations for next year," concluded Alonso .