Ferrari expect a better result than McLaren in Mexico

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Ferrari expect a better result than McLaren in Mexico

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto is confident Mexico will suit their SF21 better than McLaren’s MCL35M car. Binotto claims to be using a lot of downforces this weekend, noting that their great performances in Austin are a clear example of the progress made this year.

Ferrari and McLaren arrive in Mexico with a 3.5 point difference in favor of the team from Woking, but in the last three races, the Italian team has surpassed its main competitor. In addition, Binotto is optimistic about Mexico and believes that this is a track where they can do a better job than McLaren because they will have to drive with a lot of downforces.

“We are going to Mexico with maximum downforce because it is a track where power (drive units) is less important. Although there is still a difference in power with Mercedes, I think Mexico can benefit us more than what we saw in Austin, ”explains Binotto.

On the other hand, Binotto recalled the great performance of the SF21 car in Austin, a track that was more suited to McLaren. Charles Leclerc was ‘the best of the others’ and Carlos Sainz also won more points than one of their direct rivals.

Drive unit

Improving the drive unit was one of the keys to Ferrari’s progress and it is certain that the momentum is on the side of the Maranello team. “Generally speaking, McLaren was very competitive in medium and fast corners, and that was the case in Austin.

Keep in mind, if you look at the complete performance of the weekend, we were ahead of them, especially in the qualifiers." "Charles was also half a second faster than Ricciardo and finished the race with a 25-second lead.

” “Overall, I think we were obviously faster on the track which at first glance did not suit our car - so I am very pleased with the progress we have made in the last few races, and the drive unit has also helped in qualifying and the race."

"Our self-confidence has grown in this last part of the year, ” Binotto concluded It is obvious that they work hard at Ferrari, and that they take things seriously, so it is not surprising that the results are good.

After the positive performance of their drivers, the team spirit has grown and it is obvious how motivated Ferrari drivers are and ready to help their team achieve greater success. We will see if they can achieve the set goals