Raikonen had tire problems upon his return

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Raikonen had tire problems upon his return

Raikonen did not have such a successful ride upon his return. There were problems with the formula when at one point there had to be a tire change. At that time, they only had soft tires and that immediately cost them the final placement.

Raikonen is aware of that himself. “I wouldn’t say that we are right up there when we finish P13,” Raikkonen said. “I think the car was okay in the first part of the race. And also after the pit stop. But then the problem was we had no new tyres apart from the soft, so we were f***** at that point."

, as quoted by formula 1 “I think we could’ve done a good race if we’d had some other tyres than the soft left… I don’t know what positives you can take from that result”.

Vasseur is amazed

Team principal Frederic Vasseur is also amazed by what happened from the previous race.

Both of the Alfa Romeo team had problems and it looks like the people from Alfa will have to work extra on their formulas to match the others. “It was a very bizarre race, one that has given us the full spectrum of emotions,” Vasseur admitted.

“We made a good start and our race pace was good in the first stint. The Safety Car shuffled the pack and we found ourselves towards the front of the field, but unfortunately we picked up a penalty for Antonio at his pit stop, which compromised his race."

However, as in any other sport, optimism must not be absent. And the Alfa Romeo team believes they need to thrive and believe in the better days ahead "Under the red flag we had to choose between the only tyres we had left available, the used hard tyres we had on or new softs, as we had no more mediums left."

"We went for the softs: they helped us at the restart, with Kimi running up to P2, but unfortunately our rivals’ tyre advantage in the long run meant we ended up losing ground as the race progressed. “We were close to a good result but it is what it is: we made progress both in terms of qualifying and race pace and we need to keep pushing to improve”. Whether there will be any changes in the near future remains to be seen..