Wolff: "We have nothing to prove, it makes our decisions easier"

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Wolff: "We have nothing to prove, it makes our decisions easier"

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says his team has nothing to prove in this year’s title fight as the current situation for the German team is not unknown. The fight between Mercedes and Red Bull is entering a grand finale. There are only five races left until the end of the current season.

The Austrian team has a leader in the driver’s championship, who currently has a 12-point advantage over the German team’s driver. On the other hand, Mercedes is the one that hold the leading position in the constructors' championship ahead of its biggest rival Red Bull.

The Silver Arrows are in the lead by 23 points. Wolff assures that the fight for the championship in the 2021 season is exactly the same as in previous years. In recent years, Mercedes has become accustomed to being the favorite for the title, because until this year they did not have a rival that would make their job more difficult.


The head of Silver Arrows recalls what Mercedes experienced a few years ago when the title fight was between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. "It is true that we have had experiences in the last few years.

But a short time ago our opponent was Sebastian Vettel with a Ferrari, he was even ahead of us before the summer break." "Seen in that light, the current situation is not new to us. Even if it turns into a titanic battle, it would be normal for us, ”says Wolff.

The head of the German team admits that they now understand their single-seater better, and that could be a big advantage in the last part of the championship. "Our advantage is that we no longer have to prove anything.

This makes it easier for us to make decisions. I don't know what it looks like with others. We have built enough self-confidence for situations like this, "he assures. The Austrian also believes that the fights in Qatar and Saudi Arabia could be the ones that will define the championship because there is not much information about those tracks.

"We collected as much information as possible, such as the condition of the asphalt, external influences, etc. But all this is limited. It can happen that we get there and go in the (right) direction, "concluded Toto Wolff.

Although the leadership of Mrecedes seemed to have no excessive concern for the continuation of the season, it is obvious that it is not easy for them at the moment, and that the rest of the season will be very stressful for them.