Hamilton in the campaign against inequality and racism

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Hamilton in the campaign against inequality and racism

In a recent major interview, Lewis Hamilton described how he now has a “new instinct,” a “real purpose,” and a “mission in life” thanks to his efforts to highlight diversity and involvement in appreciating differences.

He believes it has made him stronger than ever. Hamilton has been a leading voice in the fight against racism and inequality, consistently advocating change with his off-track activities. He established his own commissions and initiatives and also used his platform to spread humanitarian messages.

"Just before the start of the season I was thinking, we've been through a period, Black Lives Matter, kneeling, so what would be the next step and how to keep encouraging conversations." "Things are not fixed, we have to fix it.

It's good that sport is talking about ending racism, about diversity and involvement in change, sustainability, and all that, but we have to make sure that we really follow initiatives like this. ” "You need to talk a lot for that.

I feel that we also need to introduce our audience to this because we can all learn and do something, ”Hamilton said. Hamilton is not the only driver who has voted for change with his voice. Sebastian Vettel is one of many drivers who have highlighted important issues this season.

‘Among fellow drivers, there is‘ my team won’t want me to say that ’or I can’t be open because the team won’t like it ’or‘ sponsors won’t like it ’. These are just some invisible rules that others have been shown to break.

” "I do not mind that I will violate them, in fact. And yes, it’s nice to see Seba really come up with initiatives, even on his own. As two older drivers, I hope this will encourage some of the younger drivers as well.

” ‘I talk to Mick Schumacher, who is so kind and good and he says things like,‘ I don’t know everything, is there any way you can educate me? ’It’s the same with Lando." "So I’m really proud of this next generation to come, but we can still encourage them to invest more and understand more, ”Hamilton said.

Work off the track

Despite the championship fights, Lewis claims that all this encouraged him even more in his fight on the track because it emphasizes work off the track and an even greater desire to emphasize the messages: “It’s like my new drive and I feel like it gives me more power because it’s still a lot of work that we have to do.

I feel it gives my life a real purpose too. Racing is not a purpose, it's something you do! ” “There were definitely times when I was like that, that I didn’t know if I could continue, or that maybe there was something else I wanted to do.

I didn't find my purpose until last year. " “Now I feel like I have a mission in life and it’s not just about winning championships and races, it’s all great. Now I can actually make an impact to help young people progress.

” Hamilton also commented on the fight for this year's title with Max Verstappen, who is now 12 points behind with five races to go. Hamilton admitted that not everything was always perfect, but that he continues to learn and that he is proud of his team: “I expected it to be a rollercoaster ride.

It was amazing, this is the hardest year on so many levels, but there were also so many positive things and I really enjoyed it, even on hard days. ” "I am mentally stronger than I have ever been. I’ve been mentally strong for a long time anyway, but I think this has made me even stronger.

I am not bothered by any of the things that are happening here, I come and do what I love to do. I think it's a positive effect. "