Hakkinen: "The fight between McLaren and Ferrari will be close"

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Hakkinen: "The fight between McLaren and Ferrari will be close"

As the battle for third place in the constructors' championship between Ferrari and McLaren heats up, Mika Hakkinen is looking forward to seeing how it all ends. The two teams are fighting for the final rung of the podium in the constructors ’standings for the 2021 season, and this duel of two historic teams won at an even greater intensity at the United States Grand Prix, where all four drivers faced off in the first lap of the race.

A wheel-to-wheel fight forced Lando Norris to give up trying to overtake so as not to cause a collision with the very fast Charles Leclerc, who made it clear that Ferrari had made significant progress in performance. Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, enjoyed a fierce clash that resulted in the Spaniard calling the Australian's defense "dirty"

In the end, Leclerc finished in fourth place, Ricardo in fifth, Sainz in seventh, and Norris in eighth, resulting in Ferrari reducing the gap to 3.5 points behind McLaren.

Finn on the race

All this did not go unnoticed by Mike Hakkinen, who is very excited about this fight because he sees that the fight for third place is even closer.

"The fight between McLaren and Ferrari for third place in the construction championship is even closer," explains the 'flying' Finn. "They are only three and a half points away: Charles Leclerc finished fourth ahead of Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz seventh ahead of Land Norris.

Ferrari won several important extra points on Sunday, "he added. Hakkinen believes Ricciardo's win at the Italian Grand Prix has given confidence to the former Red Bull driver but believes Ferrari and McLaren will be very close in the remaining five races by the end of the season.

"I think Daniel is in much better shape this part of the season, compared to earlier years when he struggled," he said. "The win at Monza made a difference, and in Austin, it was clear he had a lot more confidence in the car."

"The fight between him, Lando and the two Ferrari drivers will be incredibly close as we enter the last five races," said Mika Hakkinen. It is obvious that these two teams are in a big fight and that the nuances could decide who will "take" that third place.

It is certain that it will not be easy for any team considering the quality they have and that they are very close throughout the whole season. Most believe that Ferrari has an advantage, but McLaren can easily convince most that the outcome will be different.