Szafnauer hopes Aston Martin can avoid reliability issues

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Szafnauer hopes Aston Martin can avoid reliability issues

Aston Martin boss Otmar Szafnauer hopes his team will be able to avoid some of the reliability issues their powertrain supplier has: Mercedes. Mercedes is facing problems this season in terms of the reliability of its internal combustion engine, as Valteri Bottas has already received his sixth drive unit during the United States Grand Prix.

Earlier, Lewis Hamilton also had to replace the engine, so both drivers of the German team were forced to receive penalties. During the racing weekend in Austin, three of the four drivers got penalties, and they were driven by the Silver Arrows drive unit - the fourth was Fernando Alonso from Alpine.

One of those who had to completely replace the engine was Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel. Thanks to Kimi Raikkonen's run off, the German reached the 10th position. Having installed a new drive unit, Szafnauer hopes that they will not have to take additional components of the drive unit, and he doubts that their rivals will have additional problems with the engine.

“Let’s hope we don’t have engine failures anymore,” says the Aston Martin boss. "Seb has taken a new powertrain and I think we have enough mileage to reach the (end) of the year, hopefully without failures," he added.

"We were lucky to have some of the recent reliability issues that some other Mercedes drivers had, while we didn't." "Therefore, we hope that this is a matter of installation and that we will remain without failures by the end of the year," Szafnauer hopes.


Sebastian Vettel and his teammate Lance Stroll had several races in which they did not finish in points, and in some, there were incidental situations between Aston Martin drivers: Zandvoort, Monza, and Sochi. Contact was made at the GP of Russia: Stroll hit Vettel while the German tried to get next to him in the braking zone.

Fortunately, they both managed to continue the race with minimal damage. Szafnauer made it clear that the relationship between their driving lineup had not changed since then and that everything was in normal condition. "It's a nice thing I didn't have to say anything after the race.

The two of them came together and apologized. So, they did it themselves, which is quite nice because they have a great working partnership, ”concluded Otmar Szafnauer. Indeed, it is nice for Formula 1 that things like this happen, because incidents are something we often see, and only understanding the other can help in such situations.