Wolff: "We can win the remaining five races"

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Wolff: "We can win the remaining five races"

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is convinced his team has great potential to win the last five races of the 2021 season. The Austrian claims that the key is to be out of danger with internal combustion engines, and although Mexico traditionally does not fit the car of the German team, everything can change this year.

Mercedes was defeated at the US Grand Prix. The track in Austin was a clear favorite for the German team, and Lewis Hamilton has shown great performance here over the years. Something similar happened in this race. Hamilton overtook his biggest rival in the title fight at the start, but the opposing side twice pulled two moves at the right time - a tire change -.

The seven-time world champion tried everything in his power to come to a victory in order to equalize in the championship with Verstappen. He did not succeed, he finished in 2nd place. However, the performance shown by Mercedes in this race gives them encouragement to keep pushing because they will not give up so easily in the final part of the season.

Wolff believes their W12 car has enough potential to win the remaining five races, and the most important thing for them is to avoid giving up at all costs. “Morale is high. We are here and we can win the remaining five races.

We must avoid giving up, which is deadly for everyone and that is why we get these penalties with internal combustion engines." "It was a fun season, we have pressure, but it's positive, ”says Wolff.

Mexico track

The head of Silver Arrows admits that the track in Mexico has not been ideal for their car in recent years, even if Lewis Hamilton won the last edition of 2019.

Red Bull has a more efficient car for that track, but the Austrian is clear that everything can change this year, which has already been seen in Hungary with them or in Austin with Red Bull. “Mexico has traditionally been a complicated track for us, but this season everything can change.

We have already seen that Red Bull did very well on the tracks that were ours, and the opposite has happened." "I think we have to go race after race, and we have to keep our mood. ” Wolff, on the other hand, welcomes Red Bull’s aggressive strategy in Austin, which was similar to the one they made with Hamilton in Bahrain.

In both cases, the winner was the driver who was in the second position before going to the pits, and the Austrian admits that they were thinking about replacing the tires earlier, but according to their calculations, it was not feasible to finish the race.

“They made a very aggressive strategy with the first pit trip, something similar to what we did in Bahrain at the start of the season. We won that way, and they deserved the win this time. It was a race with interesting strategies and good fights, ”he explains.