Jos Verstappen: "Max is one of the best drivers"

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Jos Verstappen: "Max is one of the best drivers"

Former Formula 1 driver Jos Verstappen is extremely pleased with the performance of his son Max Verstappen after winning last weekend in the United States, which puts him as a favorite for this year’s title. The Red Bull driver came away with his eighth win of the 2021 season, and he did so on a track in Austin that matches his biggest opponent for the title, Lewis Hamilton.

The Dutch driver came up with a very significant result with a very smart strategy because he increased his advantage over the Mercedes driver to 12 points, and there are five races left until the end of the season. Verstappen’s father: Jos, returned to the paddock just at the last race after he had health issues.

On North American soil, Jos watched his son’s ride which he assures was amazing, and the reason is that he had a cold mind while smartly storing tires. Obviously, Max Verstappen is mentally one of the strongest drivers, and that’s exactly what has brought him results all these years.

This year he seems to have made a step forward, but also his car is much better, although most believe that Mercedes still has a stronger car, Red Bull has the advantage “The way Max keeps his mind cool and knows how to get his tires to work exactly at the perfect working temperature… it’s amazing,” Verstappen Sr.

said of his son’s performance after the race in Austin.


He adds that Max's strength is not just driving on the track itself, but that he thinks beyond that, and considers himself one of the best grid drivers.

The talent that Verstappen possesses that few Formula 1 driver have at the moment, and it is obvious that Max has a mentality that will bring him victories, and maybe finally a trophy that he is looking forward to. "It's Max's strength.

He doesn’t just walk the path, he thinks further than that. He is simply one of the best drivers, "he said. Despite the race weekend starting out as the championship leader, Jos adds that he couldn’t sit still and watch the race in Austin.

It is not easy to watch your successor fight for first place and title "I think I left TV about ten times. That victory was too expensive, but if I believe in anyone, it's Max, "concluded Jos Verstappen. He has obviously implanted the winner's mentality in Max, and we will see if his father will have the biggest reason for his heart, and that is the title.