Sainz: "I don’t like the way the referees play with the positions"

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Sainz: "I don’t like the way the referees play with the positions"

Carlos Sainz believes the referees"played with the positions" during the race in Austin. The Spaniard expressed his frustration when he let Daniel Ricciardo pass, the FIA ​​then said he also must let another McLaren overtake him.

During the early stages of the race, Carlos Sainz found himself in a big fight with two McLaren. The Ferrari driver managed to overtake both drivers after a confusing maneuver so he let Ricciardo overtake him to avoid a possible penalty.

But the race management felt that after the Spaniard's move, Norris was also in the lead, so they forced Sainz to regain his position in the following laps. “In the first lap there was a little confusion with the two McLaren, I fought with both of them, I tried to defend myself and in the end, I overtook them.

But I decided to let one of them in case the referees decided to take action, ”explains Carlos. "In the end, they started the action, even though I let Ricciardo overtake me. Honestly, it’s a little confusing to me, I don’t like how they play with positions."

"I think that what I did by letting one of them overtake me was completely legitimate and it should have been enough, "the Ferrari driver added.


Sainz again managed to overtake Norris on the track and the team decided to press Ricciardo, to overtake both McLaren.

But another bad Ferrari tire change interrupted Sainz’s strategy. After returning to the track, the Spaniard reached the Australian after a few laps, but there was a collision between the two in that fight. However, Carlos suffered damage to the front wing, which was the end of his hopes to overtake Ricciardo.

"My opinion is that a driver who does things like this on the inside always on purpose to try to press the one on the outside, I would do the same," he explains. "What happens is that I could have been less sharp in contact - I think I could have done it a little cleaner because I almost twisted, but everything is fine.

I would have done something similar if I had been in his position. " In general, Sainz assures that he should have taken advantage of the opportunity and the advantage he had gained because he had the pace to be ahead of Ricciardo and Norris.

"I didn't take advantage, I should have been ahead of two McLaren cars with the pace, and I didn't take the opportunity. I am disappointed, "concluded Carlos Sainz. Ferrari and McLaren have a clear fight for third place in the constructors ’championship, and every point will be very important. In five races until the end of the season, the team from Woking has a 3.5 point advantage over the Italian team.