Lewis Hamilton: "It is not over!!"

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Lewis Hamilton: "It is not over!!"

The driver of the Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, had a message on his Twitter profile the day after the race in Austin, saying it was not over. The seven-time world champion suffered another embarrassing defeat from his biggest rival in the title fight, Max Verstappen, but this time it was right on the track that fully suited him and Mercedes.

Hamilton showed extremely strong performances over the weekend. He was considered the first favorite, both for the pole position and the most important thing: a victory at the US Grand Prix, with which he would equal Verstappen in the driver's championship.

The driver of the Mercedes started from the second position, but immediately overtook the Dutchman at the start, and after that, he tried to gain an advantage that would enable him to find himself in the leading position again.

However, things did not go as they had imagined. His opponent prevented his new victory with a new amazing race by going to the pits at the right time. Hamiton failed After the second trip to the pits, the Briton put on hard tires and went hunting for Verstappen.

Hamilton flew the track, came for one second, but failed in his intention to overtake the Red Bull driver, so he had to settle for 2nd place. The day after the race, the seven-time world champion announced via his Twitter profile, where he assured that nothing was over yet: "It's not over !!," Hamilton wrote.

As for the race in Austin, the British driver said he simply had to be happy with the work he had done on Sunday and had to continue living. He managed to limit the damage as much as possible because he took a bonus point for the fastest lap.

"Unfortunately, we weren't fast enough to win the race today, but I'm just looking ahead and taking one race by one at a time," he added. "There are two tracks that are strong for Red Bull, so we will try to minimize how strong they can be and see if we can do a better job," concluded Lewis Hamilton.

After two tracks in which Hamilton sees an advantage for his biggest rival, the last three races are in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Qatar and Saudi Arabia will be a big unknown to everyone, so… Hamilton obviously does not want to give up and his goal is still the title. He is aware of the competition, but that is not a problem for him