Verstappen had no confidence in Red Bull’s aggressive strategy

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Verstappen had no confidence in Red Bull’s aggressive strategy

Max Verstappen admits he wasn’t sure if Red Bull’s aggressive strategy would deliver the desired result in a fight with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes he managed to overtake by entering the pit earlier and retain the lead until the end of the race despite late pressure.

Verstappen secured a pole position on Saturday with a two-tenths advantage over Hamilton but lost the position at the start after Hamilton took the inside of the first corner. Although Verstappen pressed Hamilton, he failed to threaten him and spent more and more of his medium tires, so Red Bull decided to enter the pit early in the tenth lap, three laps earlier than Hamilton.

This gave Verstappen a leading position on the track, but also older tires at the end of the race while Red Bull and during other boxing entries earlier called on Verstappen to protect the position from Hamilton.


Hamilton had eight laps of newer tires than Verstappen at the end of the race and caught up with his nearly nine-second lead, but still failed to attack him until the end of the race.

“We lost at the start so we had to try something different, the tire consumption was pretty high so we decided to go aggressive,” said Verstappen who now has 12 points more than Hamilton. “I wasn’t sure we were going to make it, but the last few laps have been fun.

I slipped a bit through the fast corners, but I'm super happy that I endured. " "It was exciting. We drove the whole race under pressure, not knowing how fast Lewis would catch up." "We started aggressively with the first tire change after losing the lead at the start, and then in the second leg Lewis was close again, enough to threaten us with an earlier entry into the pit so we had to respond and get back in early."

“We managed to hold out, we had just enough tires to do it. Two laps before the end, I had Haas ahead of me in the third sector, which is not easy to follow, especially on used tires. ” “Haas luckily gave me the DRS and that helped me.

We definitely did our best as a team and it's great to have Checo with me on the podium. " Verstappen now has an even bigger lead and has a good chance in the continuation of the competition. The situation is getting more tense.