Verstappen vs Hamilton: "I don't understand what happened"

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Verstappen vs Hamilton: "I don't understand what happened"

Max Verstappen showed his middle finger to Lewis Hamilton after a ‘clash’ during 2nd practice. The Dutchman did not understand why the British did not want to slow down as they were both preparing for the flying lap.

Verstappen and Hamilton continue with incident situations, and this time it started already at the opening of the weekend in Austin. The Dutchman was ahead of his rival and needed to start his flying circle, so he slowed down when he reached the last corner.

Hamilton was right behind and overtook him. The Red Bull driver stayed next to Hamilton until he reached the first corner. There, the Dutchman braked and pointed his middle finger, calling him a "stupid idiot" via radio.

When asked about what happened, he admits that he does not know what happened: "I don't know. We were all lined up to start the round, so I really don’t understand what happened there, ”Verstappen said.

Despite that incident situation on the track, Verstappen did not have an easy first day of the weekend. The Dutchman thinks that finding balance in the car was not an easy task, and the protrusions that are all over the track do not help either.

"In general, it was not easy today. The track was quite uneven and finding the right balance with the car was not the easiest, but there are some positive things to pay attention to, and we will continue to work on it overnight, ”he explains.

Second free practice

In the second free practice, Verstappen finished in 8th place. The Dutchman failed to do a clean lap on the soft tires and complained about the traffic on the radio. He finally informed his team to discontinue the qualifying simulation program to focus on the race simulation.

"In the second free practice, I failed to do a lap on soft tires, and it was a little uncomfortable in traffic. I hope that everything will go well tomorrow so that we can do a good lap in the qualifications, ”concluded Verstappen.

Obviously, both drivers are pretty impatient considering the title race has never been this exciting. Max has a pretty competitive spirit and that’s probably why he’s so successful and indeed Red Bull has a good future in him.

We will see how Hamilton will react to this and what he will say about Verstappen's reaction, which was really surprising. This will only further provoke rivalry between the two drivers