Max Verstappen hopes to fight for victory in the USA

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Max Verstappen hopes to fight for victory in the USA

Max Verstappen hopes to be able to fight for a win at the US Grand Prix this weekend in which Mercedes is going as the favorite given their form in the last few races. Mercedes is coming to the US Grand Prix as a big favorite to win, but Max Verstappen will also be looking for his chance.

Red Bull has always been good in Texas, but so far in the hybrid era, they still haven’t recorded a win at the Circuit of the Americas. The fight for the driver’s title between Hamilton and Verstappen is brewing as the season enters its finale.

6 races by the end of the season Hamilton and Verstappen share 6 points, and Hamilton enters this race as a big favorite given that Mercedes has celebrated in 5 of the last 8 races in the US.

Fight for victory

But Verstappen will also look for his chance and hopes to fight for victory: "We are always focused on giving our best and trying to win every race.

It won't be any different here in Austin either. This weekend we have another close battle ahead of us and I am looking forward to it. " "We have always been competitive in the United States and we have always been close to achieving a good result.

Now the point is to turn that into a victory." "We know that now on every track we can minimally fight for the podium, but also for the victory, and that is the difference compared to previous years, "said Verstappen.

Perez, who seems to be getting better and better as the seasons move forward, believes in his team that he can endure to the end and achieve a good result. They are aware that Mercedes is quality, but also these are the tracks that should suit them and where they could show their full potential.

Verstappen's teammate Perez is also optimistic about the race in America: "I feel good and I can't wait to get back in the car. I'm looking forward to this weekend. We know we have to get the most out of it now as the season draws to a close.

Mercedes has been very strong in the last 4-5 races and we couldn’t match them in terms of speed. But I think Austin and Mexico will suit us and it will be a good track for us and we will have better performance, "Perez added.