Sainz: "We will be competitive at the US Grand Prix"

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Sainz: "We will be competitive at the US Grand Prix"

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz says he expects a strong racing weekend at the US Grand Prix, adding that they will be competitive - something similar to what they showed in Turkey. The Spaniard is excited about the race in Austin for several reasons.

The Spanish driver loves the city and also the track, he says on the eve of the start of the racing weekend in America. “It’s one of my favorite tracks, and Austin is also a fun place to visit. Not only is the race great, but it's also fun to go out to dinner in the evening and enjoy all the good food and see the fans.

" “Since Netflix started airing the documentary‘ Drive to Survive ’, more and more fans are recognizing us, and I really enjoy being here,” adds the Spaniard, who also has nothing but good words for the track in Austin.

"It is one of the best tracks in the world championship calendar and one of the modern tracks that have a mixture of fast and slow corners and many opportunities to overtake." "Sometimes I'm very critical when it comes to modern Formula 1 tracks, but this is one of the good ones.

" Looking at Ferrari’s chances of success, Sainz adds that in Austin they will have performances similar to those in Turkey, where from the first training session they looked like they had a chance to win the podium.


Sainz expects Ferrari could be as good as in Turkey again and expects a race with McLaren. It looks like Ferrari could once again show the talent they possess and how much capacity they have as a team. It won’t be easy, but given the motivation and wind in the back they got, they have a good chance "We will have similar performances here as in the recent races, but the weekend in Turkey was better than usual."

"We've been on the podium since the first practice because we're usually closer to the top on tracks that offer less grip, ”explains Carlos. "I think it will be more normal here again, and I expect we will have a close fight against McLaren."

"Here we have all (types) of corners and some suit us better, while other corners play into the hands of the competition. Let's see if we can fulfill our potential, "said Sainz. It is obvious that all teams are motivated and ready, and only the best will manage to reach the throne, as they have done so far.