Button: "Hamilton was faster in one lap, but Alonso was more complete"

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Button: "Hamilton was faster in one lap, but Alonso was more complete"

Jenson Button compares the driving of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso and assures that the two-time world champion is a more complete driver than the seven-time world champion. The 2009 world champion knows both drivers very well because he was a teammate at both McLaren: between 2010 and 2012 he shared a garage with Lewis Hamilton, until the Briton signed for Mercedes.

Three years later, Button was a teammate with Alonso for two seasons: 2015 and 2016, when the Spaniard returned to the team from Woking. "I can only compare them while they were my teammates, I can't compare them now."

"Fernando was more complete then because he found a way to be faster in any way, ”the former driver explained in an interview with Nico Rosberg for his Youtube channel. In contrast, Buttton asserted that Hamilton was faster in the lap: “He was very fast.

He may not have had a pace in practice, but back then he was always there in the qualifiers. He always found a lap, ”he added. "Fernando may not have been fast over the weekend, but he would have achieved a good result then.

He always knew how to get the best out of the car…" "If you were in front of him, he would try another strategy if he fell behind, sometimes he would say that there was a problem with the car and that he wanted to retire, ”he laughed at Rosberg.


The 2009 world champion highlighted the good relationship he had with Alonso while they were teammates. “I really enjoyed that time. We got along very well with Fernando and we respected each other a lot.

Fernando played a lot more, and I was at a point in my career where I was ready to play. We were so slow that we fought each other, ”he explains. In addition, Button highlighted Alonso’s ability to be fast in any discipline.

"Fernando is incredibly talented. He raced in Le Mans, Dakar, Dayton… and he was very strong in everything he raced. ” Jenson added in the end that he was glad to be a teammate with Alonso and Hamilton. Obviously, both drivers are great at what they do and we are happy to be living in their era, and we hope to watch them for many more years to come.

"Racing with both drivers as a teammate was very special because you know you're racing with the best, and if you beat them - it means a lot," concluded Button.