Pierre Gasly received many positive comments after the victory

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Pierre Gasly received many positive comments after the victory

Hamilton didn’t have such a good ride this time. He finished in seventh place but still showed how great he was when he praised his rival Pierre Gasly and motivated him to continue with such good results "Congratulations to Pierre,” said Hamilton after the race, where he finished seventh after receiving a stop/go penalty.

“I think that’s an amazing result, considering he was dropped from the top team, from Red Bull – unfairly I think." , as quoted by formula1 “I’ve obviously seen what he’s been through, from being dropped from the top team and now he’s beaten the top team.

I think it’s just fantastic to see him recover and to see him grow. I’m generally really happy for him… It’s been good for him to build up, to build confidence, and get a fantastic result today, so huge congrats to him”.

Max Verstappen did the same. He had only words of praise for Pierre Gasly “I’m of course very happy for Pierre,” said Verstappen. “The whole weekend they were very fast, and then of course to win the race here was, I think, very emotional and a great result for them.

It’s a great group of people and I hope they’re going to enjoy this one tonight because they deserve it. So, great – also very happy for Pierre”.

France is happy for Gasly

Romain Grosjean is pleased with the result of his compatriot and believes that one Frenchman finally deserved to experience a victory in Formula 1 “I’m pleased with my race but I’m very, very pleased for Pierre,” said Grosjean, whose reaction to finding out that Gasly had won is worth watching in the video below.

“He’s been showing all year long his pace, his racecraft and today was the day when the stars were aligned and he took the opportunity. “He’s a great guy, and it’s an incredible day for France – 24 years that we haven’t had a race winner, and there he is, standing on the podium, with the Marseillaise [France's national anthem].

I’m so happy for him”. "Pierre deserves congrats,” said Ricciardo, who finished the race in sixth, sandwiched between the two Mercedes. “He held on, and it’s not easy – the red flags really mess with your rhythm. Mentally, it’s pretty chaotic in your head so to hold strong, I think he deserves that.