Ferrari has a clear goal by the end of the year

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Ferrari has a clear goal by the end of the year

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto says his team has set a clear goal: to beat McLaren in a fight for third place in the constructors ’championship. The Italian team beat its biggest rival last weekend in Turkey, but McLaren still maintained a 7.5-point lead ahead of this week’s U.S.

Grand Prix. However, the battle between the two teams for last place on the podium has been tense, in large part thanks to Ferrari's improving performance this season. Binotto has made it clear to his team what needs to be achieved this year and suggests that the purpose of the team is to boost his energy.

The Ferrari boss revealed that they have a clear goal: third place. "Clearly this is a goal we have already informed the team about," Binotto said. "I think everyone agrees. Honestly, it would be great to finish third.

" "I think that even working with a clear goal at the end of this season is important for us because it is a kind of work under pressure and training for it, so our goal is to do it by the end of the season. Our goal is to finish third at the end of the season, "added the Ferrari boss.

Hybrid system

In Russia, Ferrari has finally unveiled its new hybrid system that will appear on its powertrain in 2022. Charles Leclerc spoke of marginal achievements in Sochi, but Carlos Sainz, who got a new engine in Turkey, hopes the upgraded power unit will help Ferrari beat McLaren.

"You saw (in Turkey) that we are faster than McLaren," Sainz commented. "In Sochi, they were faster than us. So I still believe it will be up - down by the end of the year. " "What this engine should give us is the ability to be closer to the tracks behind them (McLaren) and the tracks to where we are ahead to be even further ahead."

"We have been looking for this since the upgrade progressed. (In Turkey) we managed to take away 10 points from them, which is a pretty big gain in the points we are fighting for. We are fighting and six races are over, so anything can happen.

" Ferrari really has a great chance to achieve the goal they currently have, and that is third place. The driver lineup, but also the entire team are fantastic and it is obvious that Ferrari has made a lot of progress, but they do not intend to stop