Timo Glock thinks Hamilton is hiding the pressure he feels

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Timo Glock thinks Hamilton is hiding the pressure he feels

Former Formula 1 driver Timo Glock believes Lewis Hamilton is an expert at hiding the fact that he feels pressure from Max Verstappen in the title fight. The seven-time world champion is currently six points behind the Dutchman ahead of a new racing weekend in Austin this week.

The Briton seems cold and calm while making statements. However, Glock believes that the driver of the Mercedes is an expert in concealing the pressure and that his driving on the track still shows the other side of what he actually feels.

"Lewis never shows that he is under pressure," Glock told Sport1. "He knows very well how to be calmer. Of course, he also knows that when he puts on a helmet, it all depends. But he found a way to look relaxed and cool, "he added.

The German also praised Verstappen for behaving very well in managing his pressure in the title fight, as this is the first time a Red Bull driver has been in such a role. "Max Verstappen has also done well so far. He made a big jump for me, he became much more relaxed, he has more control, "said the former Formula 1 driver.

Glock on Verstappen

Glock had previously argued that Verstappen probably could cause a physical conflict with Hamilton if their clash at Monza happened two years ago and reiterated his belief that Verstappen is much calmer this year.

“Two years ago, in a situation like the Monza incident, he would probably have opened Lewis’ helmet and punched him. Now he thinks: see how you get out of this. " With the remaining six races, all options are open in the title fight, and Glock assures that he expects a big showdown by the end of the season.

Glock seems to be happy with the competition that Mercedes has and the pressure they feel given that they have been much more relaxed in previous seasons because they also had a bigger advantage over rivals. "There can be nothing better than this.

I am very curious to see who will eventually have more strength to hold on to. Whoever can keep the error rate as low as possible, because that will be important in the end - also for the teams. " "Seeing Mercedes under pressure from Red Bull is finally something. They used to always have something. Then you can make a mistake, now I can't, "said Timo Glock.