Max Verstappen praised the collaboration with Honda

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Max Verstappen praised the collaboration with Honda

Max Verstappen says the relationship with current Honda engine supplier is much different from the one they had with previous Renault supplier with whom they won 4 consecutive titles from 2010 to 2013. The relationship with Renault ended with sharp criticism of Red Bull’s perception that the French manufacturer is preventing them from trying to fight for titles due to a lack of performance and overall reliability.

Things for the Austrian team changed in a positive way during their work with Honda, although the team will become completely independent next year as Honda withdraws from the sport and leaves its intellectual property to Red Bull Powertrains.

On the other hand, Verstappen, who is fighting for the title, assures that the years with Honda were quite different from the time when the team worked with Renault. "The relationship is different now, simply because we work much more integrated than before," says the Dutchman.

"It's a very different mentality and I'm not saying that to criticize Renault, but it's much different. I really enjoy working with Honda, ”he added. Honda will help with the transition to independence at Red Bull, which will build a powertrain department to become an equal manufacturer.


No one doubts the talent of the people at Red Bull and we are confident that independence will be a positive step to take “Of course, we’re completely committed to it now, so I have a lot of confidence in that,” he explains.

"Time will tell. You can't do that yet. Red Bull, of course, is doing everything it can to succeed. ” Red Bull paid tribute to its outgoing engine supplier in Turkey, on the weekend, which was originally scheduled for the canceled Grand Prix of Japan, driving cars specially made in honor of Honda.

Max Verstappen is pleased with the relationship they have with Honda “Livery was meant for the Japan Grand Prix weekend at Suzuki, but it’s nice that we put it on the car in Turkey anyway. It shows how good the relationship is.

(It was) very nice to see, ”concluded Max Verstappen. We will see if the decisions made by Red Bull will be a good step in the quest for titles. It is obvious that Red Bull is doing their best to be competitive and to finally reach the title.

Given the driving staff, as well as the team behind them, they should have no problem winning titles. Mercedes currently still looks like the favorite, but it is obvious that Mercedes is not like before, and that Red Bull has a good chance for the title.