Capito: "Schumacher deserves a winning car"

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Capito: "Schumacher deserves a winning car"

Williams CEO Jost Capito sees great potential in Mick Schumacher and he would love for Schumacher to be on his team and win with them. The German driver, after winning the Formula 2 championship in 2020, signed for the Haas F1 Team, in order to come to the premier class grid.

Since his first free practice on the American team, Schumacher has clearly shown how much he wants to understand and learn all the necessary things in his first Formula 1 season. Although he has the weakest car on the grid in his hands, the driver of the American team managed to do a phenomenal job by entering the second round of qualifications, and the last time he did such a feat was at the Turkish Grand Prix.

The young German would certainly have had quite a few points next to his name by now if he had a more competitive car with which he could achieve this.

Capito on Schumacher

His great potential did not go unnoticed by the people from the paddock.

One of them is the CEO of Williams, who is clear about what kind of driver he is and that he would like to win with Williams. "Mick is a driver we have to watch out for. He is a good guy (driver) and deserves a car in which he can win.

I am convinced that it will happen, and if it is with Williams, even better, "Capito told German RTL. The head of the Grove team praised Schumacher for doing a great job in his first season on the Premier Class guide, so he got the trust of his team.

"Mick did a great job this year in his Formula One debut, and seeing him solve everything and get the team to himself is absolutely great," added Capito. Mick Schumacher extended his contract with Haas for the 2022 season because he did not have reserve options and opportunities to move to a better team.

However, Williams does not have a confirmed driver for 2023, when the German could be free. It is true that Schumacher is preparing to go to Ferrari, the team with which his father won 5 of the seven titles. The driving lineup of the Italian team Leclerc / Sainz have a contract until 2024 and 2022, respectively, so it will be very interesting to see where the young German will end up.

Certainly we would love to watch him Ferrari because he would remind us of the great times when his father was number one at the time