Button: "This championship is one of the best I’ve ever seen"

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Button: "This championship is one of the best I’ve ever seen"

Jenson Button says the 2021 season is one of the best he’s seen. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are so close in qualifying and on the track, and each point can be very important for the title. The 2009 world champion believes that the best thing is that Verstappen and Hamilton, as well as their teams, are very different.

In addition, the six remaining tracks in the final section have no similarities, so dominance on one lap does not mean they will have an advantage on the other. "The 2021 World Cup is one of the best I've seen. Anyone can take the title.

The best part is that they are two very different drivers and two very different teams." "The remaining tracks are also very different and that’s great, ”Button said in an interview with Luxury London.

Monza and Silverstone

As for the two incidents between the Dutchman and the British, Button believes Verstappen is to blame for Monza because he knew in advance that there was no gap in that first variant. In Silverstone, on the other hand, he sees Hamilton as the main culprit, but claims such things can happen when two drivers cross the border, and he is confident they will have an incident again.

"I think Verstappen is to blame for Monza because he had to know that the door would always close at such a moment. On Silverstone, on the other hand, I think Lewis is to blame." "Neither one nor the other wanted to give in and that happens in races.

I doubt Monza is the last clash, ”he added. In the end, Button finds it impossible to compare Hamilton with other great drivers from before, such as Ayrton Senna or Juan Manuel Fangio. Formula 1 has changed a lot over the years so it is only possible to compare drivers from that period.

“You can’t compare drivers from different eras. It is very complicated to compare Lewis with Senna or Fangio. In each era the way of driving was very different and so was the competition." "The only thing you can do is compare drivers from the same era, ”concluded Jenson Button.

We will see if there will be additional incidents between Red Bull and Mercedes, more specifically between Hamilton and Verstappen, who obviously have too much desire for the title, especially the young Dutchman who is brutally motivated and wants to end the season with a trophy in hand.