Rossi unveils Alpine’s project called 100 races

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Rossi unveils Alpine’s project called 100 races

Alpine achieved its first Formula 1 victory this year in its short history thanks to Esteban Ocon in Hungary but have not been close to the podium since. CEO Laurent Rossi wants that to change by 2024, after launching a 100-race project… Renault Group has renamed its Formula 1 operation to Alpine for this season, renewed livery, and brought back two-time world champion Fernando Alonso for a third stay in Enstone, alongside teammate Esteban Ocon.

They are currently fifth in the constructors' championship: they have 100 points less than Ferrari, but also 19 more than their closest rival AlphaTauri. However, apart from Ocon’s victory, they secured just one more placement in the top five (Alonso’s fourth place in Hungary).

But don’t panic, as Rossi has the support of the board - including Renault CEO Luca de Meo - Alpine is looking to create a long new chapter in F1 in the near future. "We have a long-term project, the goal is to reach a level of competitiveness that puts us on the podium as much as possible in 2024," Rossi said.

“As of today, in fifth place, you can easily find the plan of the path. It will get better every year. It's a project of 100 races, four years, four seasons. "


"We have to make progress in every race.

It can progress you see on the track or progress you don’t see, all small details. The idea is to never stop - and to see that we are going in the right direction. Next year will be the year of a coin toss. " "All we want is to ensure that we have a satisfactory level of performance when we start, which doesn't get us too far from the top, and then from there we can continue to climb to the top."

De Meo reiterated Alpine's long-term vision in F1, as they use it to promote their electric sports car, which will then fund racing activities. "We are here to stay, we are here to improve every year," he explains.

"We are here with ambition. Alpine is part of one of the world's largest manufacturers. The story is that Alpine will have a long-term commitment. " “We plan to transform Alpine into an electric car sports arena.

We are developing a product. The idea is to build a business around racing activities that would give eternity to racing activities so that the business would fund the operation." "It will be a system that closes. Our performance here (in F1) will give content to the whole story. ”