Marko: "Newey came back and discovered the Red Bull problem"

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Marko: "Newey came back and discovered the Red Bull problem"

Red Bull sports advisor Helmut Marko has revealed that Adrian Newey has had a cycling accident that prevented him from being with the team for several races this season. The Austrian team has made a strong start to the 2021 season this year.

In the pre-season tests, they were clearly the fastest, and their car looked quite reliable. Already in the first race, they showed that they are ready to fight for the first title in the era of hybrids that began in 2014, and Mercedes and its drivers hold the same dominance.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton had wheel-to-wheel fights in almost every race, but in some races, the Dutchman was much faster and it seemed that in addition to an extremely strong Mercedes, they would gain a certain advantage that they would bring to their advantage by the end of the season.

However, after Silverstone, there was a steady decline in Red Bull's performance as Mercedes grew stronger. An even greater advantage was seen in Turkey when Hamilton got a new internal combustion engine.


On the other hand, information emerged in which we found out that the ‘brain’ of the Austrian team was out of the machine.

Marko admits that Newey had a bicycle accident that took him away from the team. The Briton had more than one surgery, and although he has not fully recovered, he is ready to return to work in the final part of the season.

Marko says the technical director will talk to Max Verstappen about the RB16B problems he had in Turkey. “We are well-positioned, but Newey is obviously our key figure. His absence from the first races of the season was because we did not know how serious his injury was.

He had to go through several surgeries, "Marko said in an interview with Sky Germany. Although he is not fully recovered, he will be of great help since he is crucial when it comes to the chassis of their car, which could certainly be important in the race for the title.

"He has not yet fully recovered, but he is ready to do his job and immediately acknowledged the problems we had in Turkey in terms of settings. He will meet with Max this week in Milton Keynes to get us back to the right place in terms of chassis, ”he added. We’ll see his impact on Red Bull and whether Red Bull can have a bigger advantage over Meredes