Perez believes that Verstappen has no weaknesses

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Perez believes that Verstappen has no weaknesses

Sergio Perez praised his teammate Max Verstappen, who as he says has no weaknesses, and in his opinion, the Dutchman is currently the 'driver of the season. Perez came to Red Bull at the end of last season after the termination of his contract with Racing Point (today's Aston Martin) and was impressed by Verstappen's driving.

"It's not easy to be Max's teammate because he's one with the car. He drives at a very high level, "said Perez. Verstappen has been constantly beating Perez in qualifiers and races since the start of the season and is superior to the Mexican, which has had a psychological impact on Perez.

"We have a unique car and it was not always easy. It’s no secret, but you have to be mentally strong and I think that’s one of my strengths, to get the most out of every Sunday." "The RB16B is special in a way because it is very different from what I was used to.

Some cars are easier to adapt to, some drivers are easier to adapt." "My process of adapting to the car was difficult, but it was not dramatic. The car is very good and competitive, Max shows that this is one of the best cars, "says Perez.


Verstappen is currently leading the drivers ’standings with a six-point lead over Lewis Hamilton, and Perez believes the Dutchman has provided the best games of all drivers this season. "I honestly think he is the driver of the season for now.

He made the least mistakes and drives at a very high level. The season is very long and we will see what will happen later, so far I have been positively surprised that he drives at such a high level without mistakes. " Asked if Verstappen has any weaknesses, Perez replies: "I have to think about it, but I don't think they do — there are no obvious weaknesses yet."

Apparently, Perez and Verstappen are a great tandem and it will be interesting to see if they can reach the title. Hamilton and Bottas also look good and will be a huge threat to each other (Red Bull and Mercedes) Verstappen wants to win the title he has been waiting for a long time, while Hamilton wants to continue his series of winning titles, but as if he has never had such a strong opponent who could finally remove him from the throne Let's wait and see who will be stronger until the end