Alonso: "I would fight for the title in Mercedes or Red Bull"

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Alonso: "I would fight for the title in Mercedes or Red Bull"
Alonso: "I would fight for the title in Mercedes or Red Bull" (Provided by Sport World News)

Fernando Alonso has a hard time imagining what would have been possible if he had been a Mercedes or a Red Bull instead of in Alpine’s car this year. But he assures that he would have the confidence to fight for the title.

Winning a Formula 1 title requires matching many factors: a good car, a good team, a good driver, and luck. Fernando Alonso knows this well and that is why he finds it difficult to answer the question of what he could do behind the wheel of a Mercedes or Red Bull this year.

The Spaniard is cautious about the outcome, but it is clear that he would dare to fight for the title. "It is difficult to answer that. But, yes, I would dare to compete for the title. But Lewis and Max are doing a great job on their teams.

So, there is no clear answer to that, "he told Alonso in an interview with F1 Insider.


Fernando, as he pointed out a few days ago, firmly believes that he is much better today than when he won two championship titles and attributes this to the experience he gained during his career.

"Mostly because I have more experience. I know better what a car needs in a race to be fast. I can handle the pressure better today. Even today I know much better how to optimally prepare for a racing weekend." "Not only during the racing weekend but also in all the moments that preceded it, "he added.

Despite the excellent qualifications in Turkey, the Spanish driver emphasizes that he still has to improve on Saturdays and practice tirelessly this year in order to be as ready as possible for 2022. "It's also important how to get 100% out of the car and the team.

This has a lot to do with experience. In my year of return, I learn something new every weekend." "For example, I’m still not perfect in qualifying when it comes to feeling the tires fit optimally. Maybe I’m at 80 percent right now.

Next year should be almost perfect, "Alonso concluded. It is obvious that the experience he lacked in the past is now the reason why Alonso would be a competitor for the title, even though he was a great driver then, but who knows what would have happened if he also had the experience factor.

Alonso is great this season, and clearly age is not a problem for him, and he wants to continue at the same pace

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