Ferrari train with McLaren to become champion again

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Ferrari train with McLaren to become champion again

Looking towards 2022, it was not clear whether McLaren and Ferrari would aim to fight for third place in the FIA Constructors Championship. Although this has not been a clear goal for the 2021 season for a long time, now Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto sets it up as something important for the team because he believes this fight serves as great training for the future.

Ferrari have not been fighting for the title for several seasons - more precisely, they took their last trophy in 2008 when they finished in the first position in the constructors' championship. Therefore, the fight for a third-place became important for the team that experienced the worst result since 1980 last year, which was the result of unclear actions regarding the legality of the engine.

They have returned this season, and the new drive unit presented first to Charles Leclerc in Sochi and Carlos Sainz in Turkey is a clear step forward that they want to take advantage of.

Third place

With most of the funds invested in trying to find the key to 2022, all the teams have downplayed the importance of this year’s struggles: considering them a sideline.

However, in the continuation of the second part of the current season, the situation has changed and McLaren and Ferrari want a third place at all costs. Mattia Binotto revealed that they are serious in their intention to achieve this.

"It is clear that this is a goal we have already informed the team about. I think everyone agrees with that. Honestly, it would be great to finish third, ”explains Binotto. Third place is not worth it just because of the cash prize.

The Ferrari boss emphasizes that for the first time in a big fight since 2019, it is great training for his team to feel the passion to race for something big again and believes that it can prepare them to become champions again in the future.

“I think even working with a clear goal at the end of this season is important to us because it’s the kind of work under pressure and training for it, so our goal is to do that by the end of the season,” Mattia Binotto said.

Ferrari is great this season and it is obvious that they will continue with great ambitions, and it will be interesting to see how they will cope in the coming seasons and whether they will be able to win the desired title as before. They will try to took back their last trophy in 2008 when they finished in the first position.