Leclerc was the fastest, Verstappen the slowest at the Turkish GP

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Leclerc was the fastest, Verstappen the slowest at the Turkish GP

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc had the highest speed at the Turkish Grand Prix while championship leader Max Verstappen was nailed to the bottom because he had the lowest speed achieved. Ferrari replaced the powertrains with its drivers in two races: Charles Leclerc was the first to get a new engine at the Russian Grand Prix, and Carlos Sainz had a fresh engine at Istanbul Park.

Leclerc went to Sochi with reduced performance to test the new drive unit, more precisely what they were doing in the simulator and transferring to the track. The data was very good, and they got what they expected: a more powerful and competitive engine.

The real condition and a much better engine came to the fore at the Turkish Grand Prix. Charles Leclerc was 4th in the qualifiers and achieved the same position in the race where he showed enviable performance.

Tabular presentation

What does the tabular presentation of the realized speeds by sectors and the highest achieved speed in Turkey look like: In the first sector, Valtteri Bottas had the highest speed with a speed of 282.1 km / h, followed by Pierre Gasly with a speed of 281.6 km / h, and Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilt share 3rd place with 280.8 km / h.

speed. Max Verstappen in this segment was far from the leaders, outside the top 10 fastest. As for the 2nd sector, the order is as follows: Williams' Nicholas Latifi achieved an enviable 295.4 km / h, Lewis Hamilton is right next to Latifi with a speed of 294.5 km / h.

Sergio Perez reached the 3rd top speed of 294.3 km / h, while Ricciardo recorded 294.0 km / h. Here are another Williams and McLaren: George Russell and Lando Norris went 293.7 km / h. Charles Leclerc achieved 292.9 km / h in this part of the track, while Max Verstappen was again out of the top 10.

Sector 3 went to Williams and McLaren: Nicholas Latifi and Daniel Ricciardo have a speed of 245.0 km / h. Lewis Hamilton drove 243.4 km / h, Valtteri Bottas 243.3, while Pierre Gasly drove 243.2 km / h. Max Verstappen was a bit faster here, but he went like Mick Schumacher 243.0 km / h, while Leclerc had a speed of 242.6 km / h.

However, when measuring the top speed at the Turkish Grand Prix, Charles Leclerc was at the top with 311.3 km / h speed. Behind him is Lewis Hamilton with 310.7 km / h, followed by Latifi and Norris who went 308.7 km / h. As for Max Verstappen, the Dutchman is at the bottom of the table because he reached a speed of 297.1 km / h.