Red Bull asked the FIA about Mercedes speed

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Red Bull asked the FIA about Mercedes speed

Red Bull boss Christian Horner was visibly surprised by the speed Lewis Hamilton had in the race at the Turkish Grand Prix, and asked the FIA ​​to comment on that. The German team replaced their drive units in two races.

The seven-time world champion got a new engine, more precisely, the internal combustion engine was changed. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas were clearly the fastest driving lineup in Istanbul Park, and this was especially evident on the routes.

Red Bull has so far been able to match the speed possessed by Silver Arrow cars. However, that started to change from the UK Grand Prix, when Mercedes started to create a certain advantage. This speed was most felt at the Turkish Grand Prix by changing drive units.

Hamilton and Bottas were extremely fast, and Verstappen and Perez were not able to parry. The Dutchman in the race was unable to try to get close to the Finn or try to attack him. It is not clear to the head of the Austrian team why Mercedes has such speed, because he assures that Hamilton was between 15/20 km / h faster.


Horner does not know if this is due to a different configuration, but he assures that they did not protest to the FIA ​​on this issue, but that they simply asked some questions, just like other teams. "If you look at Lewis' speed in the race in Turkey, it was 15 or 20 km / h faster, so we have to find more speeds.

Maybe they are on different settings, "Horner told Sky F1. "We did not protest about anything and we want to clarify that. We asked the FIA ​​some questions, as did other teams. Red Bull is not the only team to have asked that, "he added.

Horner, on the other hand, praises Sergio Perez’s good job in the fight against Lewis Hamilton and emphasizes that he was at the level of Max Verstappen. The current world champion was very aggressive towards the Mexican, but Perez managed to defend himself and reach the podium.

There was a huge fight between Perez and Hamilton throughout the race. Still, the fight went on until the very end, and Perez managed to help his teammate “Sergio fought fiercely against Lewis as Max. We saw Lewis push him almost into the pits. From that moment on, he stayed with him and they fought to the limit, ”Horner added.