Max Verstappen cautious before the rest of the season

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Max Verstappen cautious before the rest of the season

Max Verstappen regained his leading position in the championship with second place in Turkey, but the Dutchman warns that Mercedes is currently faster. Red Bull driver regained the lead in the championship after winning second place at the Turkish Grand Prix, while his rival Lewis Hamilton was fifth.

This turn of events at Istanbul Park brings us a result of 262.5: 256.5 for the Dutchman against the seven-time world champion, and by the end of the current season, there are only six races left. However, in addition to regaining the leading position, the Dutch driver has reason to worry.

Mercedes has shown strong performance in Turkey. Starting from the 2nd position, Verstappen was never able to attack the winner - Valtteri Bottas. The Red Bull driver says Mercedes is currently ahead of them and they are faster.

He explains that even though they are at the top, they have to review everything to see why they were not competitive in Turkey. "Mercedes is faster at the moment, at least this weekend. We, on the other hand, failed to put all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place.

Mercedes seems to have a faster car even on a wet track, ”says Verstappen.

Hamilton vs Verstappen

It is obvious that there will be a difficult race between Verstappen and Hamilton until the very end. Verstappen will try to be the one to finally stop Hamilton's dominance and thus prevent him from breaking the record.

It is clear that Max does not want to give up, and that he is a mentally dangerous opponent "We have to find out why we were not so competitive. The result: even though we are again ahead in the drivers' standings, it will not be easy for the remaining six weekends, "he added.

"We have a really strong year - whether I'm first or second at the end of the season, it doesn't change much for me because I always do my best. I hope that will be enough for me to be a world champion after the finals.

But if that's not enough, I won't lose sleep because of it, "he explains. Although they did not have what it took, they still managed to achieve a great result and it is obvious that Red Bull has a great driving lineup.

"When I think about the fact that in Turkey we weren't exactly on the same level as Mercedes in terms of speed, then we can really be happy with second and third place."