Leclerc and Ferrari ‘do not regret’ their decision about strategy

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Leclerc and Ferrari ‘do not regret’ their decision about strategy

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari claim they do not regret their decision to try to keep the lead on the old intermediate tires at the Turkish GP. Leclerc started third and looked very good in the first part of the race. When Bottas and Verstappen went into pit, the Monegasque took the lead in the 37th lap.

At first, Leclerc was only a shade slower on the starting tires than Bottas and it even seemed like he might be able to win. Leclerc asked the team if he could stay on the track until the end without going to the pit, but things soon changed.

Once the fresh intermediate tires went through the graining phase, the drivers drove much faster times than those who were on the old tires. Leclerc’s pace was in decline from lap to lap and he still had to go to the box in the 47th lap after all.

Leclerc struggled after switching to new intermediate tires and lost his place on the podium to Sergio Perez, but his tires got fast enough to defend against Lewis Hamilton.

Leclerc on the race

Although in most of the race it seemed that Leclerc had a podium in his hands, Charles Leclerc believes that Ferrari made the right decisions at the Turkish GP even though in the end he went through the finish line as fourth.

"The race was great. We were very competitive in the first stint, but then we fell a little out of the ‘frame’ in the second stint because we went to box later." "In the first five, six laps we were faster on used tires than the rest on new tires.

But after six laps, I think they cleared up the graining and found a lot of performance — about 3 seconds per lap. We had no choice but to go to the pit, "said Leclerc. That was the end of Leclerc’s hopes of winning the podium.

Later, after Hamilton went to boxing, the Monegasque found himself in the 3rd position again, but he lost it to Perez. "For the last 10 laps, I've been trying to 'turn on' the intermediate tires that never came to their senses.

It’s a shame because we lost the podium because of it, but I don’t regret anything." "In Russia, the communication was not great, but here the communication was very good. I had a clear picture of the race and we made the right decisions, "added Leclerc.