Verstappen aware that it will be difficult until the very end

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Verstappen aware that it will be difficult until the very end

Max Verstappen says fighting Lewis Hamilton won’t be easy, no matter what advantage he has. Max Verstappen and Red Bull can be happy with the race in Turkey. In training, but also in the qualifications, they did not look too convincing, but in the end, they managed to achieve a double podium.

Max thinks Mercedes was faster on this track, which shows that this will be a tough fight by the end of the season. “We will have to analyze why we were not competitive here. Regardless of the advantage, it will not be easy until the end of the season.

" “I think I said that even before we started the weekend, we had a really good year so far. It won't change my world if I finish first or second at the end, but I will always do my best. ” "We will see again in Austin how it will go.

We will not give up, we will always try to do the best we can. Let’s hope that in the end, that will be enough for the championship. But if it doesn't, I won't sleep less because of it. "

Tire change

Verstappen ended up behind Valtteri Bottas in a Mercedes.

He tried to go for a tire change before Finn, but Mercedes reacted quickly and kept Bottas in the first place. “When we take into account that we were a bit behind the whole weekend compared to Mercedes, I think we had a pretty decent race.

There was no place I could attack Valtteri, and he also lead his race very well and took care of his tires. ” Verstappen also had tire problems due to the track, but he still managed to drive his race and was aware that he could not reach Bottas.

“Also, I had Charles Leclerc pretty close, he also had a very good pace. At one point, the tires disappeared, they were completely worn out, so it wasn't that good when the track was like that. ” “We decided to change the tires, and after stopping, I think there are 20 laps left, we just decided to keep the position.

I didn't have the pace to fight Valtteri, so there was no need to be within two or three tenths. I just kept the tires to the end. ” Things have changed again and we will see if Verstappen will raise his form because, given the first place he currently has, the goal will be to continue with good races and try to finally dethrone Hamilton.