Bottas wins Turkish GP ahead of two Red Bull drivers

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Bottas wins Turkish GP ahead of two Red Bull drivers

Valtteri Bottas achieved his first win of the season after a dominant run from pole position, with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez completing the podium for Red Bull while Lewis Hamilton finished fifth. Due to the rain that fell this morning, the drivers started the race on intermediate tires, which erased the advantage that the drivers who placed on medium tires in Q3 had.

Bottas kept the lead at the start ahead of Verstappen and Leclerc, and Alonso twisted after minor contact with Gasly in the first corner and fell to 17th place. Alonso also had an incident with Schumacher in the fourth corner a few laps later after which he fell to 17th place after breaking through to 15th place earlier, and Sainz came to 12th place in the eighth lap.

In the eighth lap, Hamilton finally managed to overtake Tsunoda from the outside of the third corner which gave him an inside in the fourth corner, and Gasly received a five-second penalty for the incident with Alonso. Hamilton overtook Stroll in the ninth lap and came in seventh, Sainz overtook Ocon for 11th, and Alonso received a five-second penalty for the Schumacher incident.

Norris did not defend against the much faster Hamilton who passed him on the brakes for the 12th corner in the 11th lap and drove the fastest lap while Sainz broke through to the 10th place after overtaking Vettel in the 14th lap.

Hamilton overtook Gasly in lap 15 and broke into fifth place, seven seconds behind Perez, and Ricciardo entered boxing in lap 22 for new intermediate tires on which he was slower than on the old ones because there was less and less water on the track.

Alonso also enters the pits for new intermediate tires in lap 32 after serving a five-second penalty, and Hamilton attacked Perez in lap 34 who successfully defended in the 12th, 13th, and 14th corners and regained position in the first corner.

Soon other drivers also took new sets of intermediate tires, but not Leclerc and Hamilton who tried to stay on the track despite high tire consumption.

Other drivers

Bottas overtook Leclerc for the lead in the 48th lap after which Leclerc entered the pit and at that point, only Hamilton (3rd) and Ocon (9th) were not yet in the pit.

Hamilton, however, enters pit in lap 51 and returns to fifth place, six seconds behind Perez and three seconds ahead of Gasly, and Perez attacks Leclerc and passes him on the brakes for the 12th turn. Bottas convincingly celebrated and achieved their first win of the season with an extra point for the fastest lap, with Verstappen and Perez finishing second and third making Perez the first podium since the French GP and only the third podium this season.

With this second place, Verstappen took the lead in the drivers' standings with a six-point advantage over Hamilton. Leclerc finished fourth after leading ahead of his tire change, and a disappointed Hamilton, who told the team ‘I told you we shouldn’t have changed tires’, finished fifth and lost the lead in the drivers ’standings.

Gasly had a good race even though he got a five-second penalty for the incident with Alonso and managed to finish sixth and Norris had a pretty calm race in seventh place for McLaren. Sainz made a great breakthrough from 19th place and finished eighth for Ferrari ahead of Stroll in Aston Martin and Ocon in Alpine who was the only one not in boxing as a change of tires is not mandatory in a rainy race.