Norris tried to forget what had happened in Sochi

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Norris tried to forget what had happened in Sochi

Lando Norris came motivated to Istanbul Park and is eager to perform well to forget what happened two weeks ago in Russia. The Briton had a good start to the weekend and focused on testing different configurations by the end of the weekend.

Norris was seventh and sixth, respectively, in the first two training sessions in Turkey. The McLaren driver improved his time by almost a second from morning to afternoon, which he blames the great evolution of the track compared to last year.

"It was a day when we were obviously wrong, but Friday is for that. We tried some new things with the setup, we also used an extra set of tires. We are trying new things for qualifications, but nothing special, ”explains Lando.

"We are getting used to the track because it is quite different from last year, it seems that we are five or six tenths faster than last season, so it seems that it is a completely different track. It will be a good challenge, "he added.

Soft tire

The McLaren driver admits that the soft tire is obviously the fastest, though he’s not entirely convinced and doesn’t see much difference from the mediums. This leaves the door open for a different strategy in qualifying.

"Soft is the best tire, the fastest, but it's not easy to do a lap without problems. I keep saying these are the fastest tires, but I’m not convinced." "It’s not that you’ll find half a second or a second relative to the medium.

It always varies from track to track, sometimes the differences are bigger and sometimes smaller. Maybe that gives more opportunities in the qualifications for something different, "he explains. It’s true that Lando doesn’t remember the rain well or his last race.

In Sochi, he lost the win because he didn’t get into the pits in time to put on the intermedium tires when it started to rain. During the break between the new racing weekend, he tried not to think too much about it, though he admits he talked to the team to learn from the mistake.

"It seems like forever. When you have a week off, you want to have another race soon to get the last one out of your head. It seems to have been longer than Sochi, but I was quite busy during the week and I tried to clear my head, but work always takes up most of your thoughts, ”he assures.

"Of course, we had to talk about everything that happened in the meetings, we learn from everything. I'm glad to be back another weekend, "concluded Norris.