Horner: "We have a good car, we need to find the right settings"

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Horner: "We have a good car, we need to find the right settings"

Christian Horner spoke about the results of the first and second training sessions, as well as the rest of the season. After the first two training sessions in Turkey, we get the impression that Mercedes will not have too many problems this weekend.

Hamilton was untouchable in the first place, while his teammate also had a decent pace. Red Bull drivers, especially Max Verstappen, didn’t look too convincing and Red Bull seems to have some issues, which Horner admitted.

Obviously, Horner is not happy with what he saw, but he is aware of the problem that exists and obviously, there will be a lot of work to fix the problems so far. "We have a few problems with the balance at the moment.

The track has a better grip than last year and we made a bit of a mistake with Max’s car settings. It will be a busy night and the engineers will be working on the car. ” "It's just important that we understand the problem, we know we have a good car.

It's about finding the right settings and I don't think we succeeded. "


Verstappen finished in second training behind teammate Sergio Perez, who helped the team a lot today. Although Verstappen did not have the race he had hoped for, his teammate Perez was quite good, and Horner confirmed that he is satisfied with Perez, who is obviously improving his form.

“You try to optimize the information you get. So you have a slightly different strategy. This was a good day for Perez, he collected good information. It's extremely useful for the team because it helps us choose which way we want to go tomorrow.

" As for the engine change at Mercedes, Horner believes this was just their decision, while Red Bull was forced to change the engine because of the incident. Horner says they expected a strong Mercedes in Turkey and that in other races the chances are equal between Red Bull and Mercedes.

He also said Bottas and Perez will play an important role in the fight for the constructors ’title. He believes Perez will have good performances on certain tracks by the end of the season. Obviously, along with Max, Perez can also be of great help, given that he is a very good driver.

Verstappen is still the main competitor with Hamilton in the title fight, and the question is whether he will succeed in overtaking Hamilton and finally prevent the rule of the British driver.