Toto Wolff doesn’t like the sprint qualifying format

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Toto Wolff doesn’t like the sprint qualifying format

Toto Wolff is not happy with the qualifying sprint races. The boss of Mercedes believes that teams lose a lot in that format, and they gain a little, and he proposes a revision of the points: shortening the qualifications because what he likes the most is just the start.

In addition, the Austrian believes that it would be best to last only two laps, as was done at the Grand Prix of Belgium. Wolff is pleased to see more action on the first day of the race weekend that is a precursor to what is expected in the rest of the sessions and then the race.

However, the head of Silver Arrows admits that he does not like the qualifying sprint format that Formula 1 is experimenting with this year to implement on seven or eight weekends during 2022. In sprint races, drivers do the usual qualifiers on Friday, and from that, they get the starting position for Saturday’s qualifying sprint race.

This season there is another mini race scheduled for Brazil. The winner, the pole position winner, wins three, the runner-up gets two, and the third fastest gets one point. A mistake in this race can greatly affect the main race and force the driver to start last on Sunday.

That’s why Wolff is afraid of these kinds of events. “Commercially, qualifying sprint races are an advantage because we have a full Friday, a mini race on Saturday, and a Grand Prix on Sunday,” says Wolff.


Wolff thinks that the system is not the best, and that some things should be changed to make the races look much better and more interesting. "I don't like the qualifying sprint format of the race on Saturday.

There’s little in the game, but there’s also a lot in the game because you don’t want to fall on the back of the grid. Maybe we should change the points or the length of the race, ”explains the Mercedes boss.

Wolff would therefore prefer it to be very short - just two laps, as he recalls that it would be best given that this is the most exciting start to the mini race in this qualifying format. "If the start counts, we only do two laps," added the head of the German team about the qualifying races.

It is obvious that most F1 teams agree with Wolff and that in the near future it will be important to make some moves that would definitely change things related to sprint races.