Domenicali reveals that he tried to sign Hamilton

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Domenicali reveals that he tried to sign Hamilton

The current president and CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, revealed that while he was in Ferrari he tried to sign current seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. As a reminder, Domenicali led the Italian team from 2008 to 2014.

Under his mandate, it was in 2008 that Ferrari won its (currently) last title in the constructors ’championship. The fact is that Lewis Hamilton recently assured that signing for Ferrari "was never possible and will never know why."

The British driver competed for only two teams: McLaren and Mercedes in his Formula 1 career. This information reached Stefan Domenicali, and although he refused to give details regarding the date and so on, he revealed that he had tried to sign Hamilton.

"To be honest, yes. It's true. We talked about it, "the F1 boss replied when asked in an interview with Sky Sport if they had ever tried to sign Lewis.


According to Hamilton regarding Ferrari, Domenicali believes he did the right thing because this story belongs to the past because his career since Mercedes came has broken all the records that were in Formula 1 until then.

"The answer Lewis was able to give is the right one. Today, I think that moment has passed, "added the executive director of Formula 1. "There is a film that is sometimes very important to remember: 'Sliding Doors'

There are times when, if you don't get in the elevator, you're on the floor. " "I do not know. It was a situation Lewis was in at that particular time in his life. I don't think we can blame him for his choice, at least because he had an amazing career, "concluded Stefano Domenicali.

Lewis Hamilton is currently the championship leader with two points ahead of Max Verstappen. This year he has the opportunity to overtake Michael Schumacher and take his place as the driver with the most titles in the history of Formula 1.

However, it seems that this season he will have the most difficult task, which will be much more difficult than before. Verstappen is currently behind him, but the difference is not that huge. Hamilton is also aware of how persistent, good, and fast Verstappen is and that he will not give up until the very end.

Hamilton will have an additional imperative as it has already been said to break Schumacher's record, but Max seems to want to prevent him from doing so at any cost.