Sainz: "It's a good sign that we took our chances."

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Sainz: "It's a good sign that we took our chances."

Although he had some difficulty adjusting to the Ferrari car during the season, Carlos Sainz was on the podium three times. He says it’s a good sign that they managed to take advantage of those opportunities to enter the Top 3.

Carlos Sainz entered the third podium this season in the last race in Sochi, where he qualified for the first starting line and finished the race in third place. Prior to that, he was second at the Monaco GP and third at the Hungarian GP.

Contrary to expectations, Sainz has more points this season than his teammate Charles Leclerc, but in addition to all these positive things, he also had a lot of bad luck, accidents, crashes… Which he says are a clear indication that he is not yet fully adapted to Ferrari's car.

“I guess you’ve all seen from the outside that I’m not 100 percent at home in my car yet." "I don’t want to go back much to those accidents, but I’m a driver who hasn’t crashed in his career.

I've never driven my cars into a wall, but for some reason, I've had some accidents that show I don't fully understand the car. ” "In Sochi, I consciously went step by step, through free training in the qualifications, I was fast when I needed to, instead of trying to be fast in the first training.

It worked. It gave me confidence and I was fast all weekend. I felt good. ”

2022 season

For Sainz, this season, as for Ferrari in general, has been marked from the very beginning as preparation for what is to come in 2022.

New rules, new cars, and hopefully in Maranello an opportunity to return to the top of Formula 1. The Spaniard emphasizes that it is a good sign that they have managed to take advantage of the opportunities that have opened up this year, despite certain problems in adaptation.

“We took the opportunity for three podium finishes. We have maximized the opportunities that have been given to us. It’s a good sign, a sign that a team, even under pressure, can function well at the right time. Good results come whenever the opportunity arises, ”said Carlos.

In the driver's standings, the Spaniard is in sixth place with 112 and a half points, while Leclerc is behind him with 104. We will see if Sainz can continue at the same pace and if his colleague will start with better performances