Alpine want more teams in F1, not a team with 3 cars

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Alpine want more teams in F1, not a team with 3 cars

Alpine CEO Marcin Budkowski believes that increasing the number of teams in Formula 1 would be better than adding a third car per team. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff recently promoted the idea of ​​three cars per Formula 1 team, and ideally, a third car should be put in focus on young drivers.

With only 10 teams on the grid, many young great drivers are battling in the lower series to secure their way to the premier class, while any new team joining the grid would have to make a big financial contribution before entering Formula 1 at all.

Under the Concorde agreement, a new team joining Formula 1 should pay a fee of $ 200 million. Budkowski argues that it is not up to him to analyze the viability of the rule, but believes the premier class must expand its grid.

At the FIA ​​press conference in Sochi and in response to a question from Racing Lines asking if this $ 200 million fee should be removed under the next Concorde agreement, Budkowski replied: “It’s a complicated question.

I will try to give a simple answer. "

More teams

"It would be good to have more teams in Formula 1. I think we would all welcome that." "But they have to be real teams and they have to bring value to the sport, and that’s one of the reasons why the fee was introduced, to make sure the people who come are really financially good to be able to see a Formula 1 team, which is as you know, a very expensive job to run.

” "Equally, it was a way to convince all teams during the negotiations on the Concorde agreements that the cake will not be divided into several slices, and the newcomers will enter the sport in an uncontrolled way."

"It was a measure that was mostly passed to give confidence to the existing 10 teams that they will be taken care of if new teams come." "Should it be abolished?" Honestly, that is a question for the holder of commercial rights, in that case, it is a question for Stefano (Domenicali, the head of Formula 1).

" "But yes, more teams would bring more diversity to the sport, certainly bring more drivers into the sport. I think it's a better outcome than having three cars per team, as some other people have claimed before, "concluded Budkowski. An interesting view of Budkowski, however, we will see how the situation develops