McLaren: A ‘sensational’ partnership with Mercedes is key to progress

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McLaren: A ‘sensational’ partnership with Mercedes is key to progress

McLaren boss Andreas Seidl says the big progress in his team’s performance has been influenced by the fact that the Woking and Brixworth teams have done a sensational job. After a four-year collaboration with Honda that proved disastrous for both McLaren and the Japanese manufacturer, the British team made the switch to Renault’s drive unit from 2018 to 2020 with which they made significant progress in results.

However, McLaren’s decision to revive collaboration with Mercedes, the undisputed reference of F1 drive units since the start of the 2014 hybrid era, allowed the second most successful team in Premier Class history to return to the top of the grid and even threaten Mercedes and Red Bull - which turned out to be spectacular in Monza last month.

Although every department in Woking has contributed to McLaren’s development and success, Seidl has praised the collaborative work that has been carried out between his team and Mercedes from the outset. “First of all, the lap time that the car sets is, of course, the result of the whole package, and the drive unit plays an important role in that,” says Seidl.

"When we decided to go with the Mercedes engine, there was a clear reason for it - we wanted to have a drive unit that won the title in the rear of our car."

New engine

In addition to the success of the ongoing collaboration process, Seidl stressed that they were willing to switch to a new engine without any testing.

Seidl is extremely happy after the first months of cooperation, and it looks like this kind of cooperation will bring great results for both teams. For now, both teams have phenomenal results, and we have no doubt that they will continue like this “I’m very happy when I look at the first months of this relationship, how it started,” the McLaren boss added.

"I think both teams in Brixworth and Woking did a sensational job over the winter, even under COVID's restrictions on integrating the drive unit into our car." “We were really ready from the first test, without any reliability issues,” he assures.

As McLaren approaches the biggest contenders to win a Formula 1 title, is Seidl afraid the engine supplier could hamper his progress? The German resolutely rejected that such a thing could happen. "I am convinced that this will not stand in our way in the fight for titles in the future," concluded Andreas Seidl. It will be interesting to follow the continuation of cooperation between these two teams