Seidl believes McLaren still have deficits in all fields

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Seidl believes McLaren still have deficits in all fields

McLaren boss Andreas Seidl says the team still faces a deficit “in all areas” despite the strong performance this team has shown in the last few races. McLaren won 1-2 in Italy, ending their nine-year fast without a win, while in Russia Lando Norris was in the lead for most of the race.

The team has been on an upward trajectory in recent years and holds third place in this season’s championship, 17.5 points ahead of Ferrari. However, Seidl stressed that McLaren is not impressed with its current level of performance.

“Together we build this, we learn from the mistakes that happen and I think you see it in terms of results,” Seidl says. "We're in a better position - I don't want to say too much - but we had a great deal of reliability, which is key to being able to win points all the time."

“I think we - despite what happened at the end of the race - have a racing team that is sometimes capable of strategy, with calls for tires during the race, so I am very pleased with the progress we are making,” he added.

“But, of course, considering the teams ahead of us in the championship we are concerned, we still have deficits in all areas. That’s why it’s important after a weekend like in Monza or pole position (Russia), the first thing you have to analyze is what you could have done better, because there’s always something you could have done better, ”he explains.

Seidl is optimistic

Seidl, who joined McLaren in 2019, however, stressed his optimism about his team’s progress. “As I have said several times, I see that we are simply in the middle of a journey, going back to Formula 1.

We have a clear plan instead of what we need to do in terms of steps, from the infrastructural, organizational and cultural side to take the next steps fighting against the teams in front of us every race weekend, ”he assures.

"In this sport, it is important to maintain the respect of all competitors, simply learn, and yet with everything I see in the team all the time, I am very happy - convinced that once we have everything in place, we will be able to regularly fight Red Bull and Mercedes.

” "Obviously it's great to see that we can already occasionally, depending on the tracks, fight for pole position and win the race," Seidl concluded.