Binotto feels optimistic about the future

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Binotto feels optimistic about the future

Ferrari is not recording such good results this season and many are worried about their condition. Many points have been dropped and it seems that this is one of the worst seasons of Ferrari. After a bad race in Monza, Mattia Binotto Ferrari's team principal announced that he is dissatisfied with the race and the season so far, but he hopes that this will be the worst season in their history.

“I think Spa is a difficult circuit for our package today,” said Binotto, “because of how much it's sensitive to power and to aero efficiency. So it didn't come as a surprise, our bad performance in Spa, knowing where are our weaknesses today."

, as quoted by formula1 “We could have done better, I believe – I think that starting in a bad position on Friday, I think we didn't optimise our entire full package there, and when you start behind on the grid, the race is certainly a lot more difficult.

So we could have done a better job all through the weekend, but certainly, it would have been anyway a difficult race for us, Spa. And if I look at the entire season, hopefully, it’s the worst one”. New engine rules Now new changes have taken place.

The engine system used in the races will also be used in the qualifiers and it seems that this will not be a problem for Binotta and will adapt to such rules. “We always run the same engine modes and same specification as our customer teams, so whatever we will do for Ferrari will be applied to them,” said Binotto.

“The Technical Directive has certainly affected all the power unit manufacturers, maybe not all of them in the same [amount]. "What we did since then is run our proper simulations, understand what's the optimum engine mode that can be used for the entire quali and the race distance, knowing that the engine obviously needs to be used for several races."

“You will not use exactly the same engine mode at each single race, so there are races like Monza where you may afford higher performance mode, where in other races you may decide to be more protective because they’re less sensitive in terms of power.

“For what is Monza-related, I think that what will be used here is not too far from what we're already using in the past in the quali, and that will be kept for the entire race distance obviously”.